Ely Family Dentistry, LLC -

Andrea (Full time hygienist)
Andrea is the full time hygienist here at Ely Family Dentistry. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to numerous places around the country but is mostly native to Florida. She is married and has one son. She graduated with degrees from Sana Fe College and The University of Florida. In her spare time she enjoys natural history and art museums around the country as well as taking in everything big cities have to offer. Her last big trip was to Bora Bora, Tahiti. The thing she cherishes most is spending time with her family and friends.

Morgan (Dental Assistant)
Morgan is the full time Dental assistant here at the office. She was born in south Florida and was raised here in north Florida. She has lived in Williston for the past 12 years. Morgan has no kids but considers her two dogs her babies, Deek and Gus. She graduated with her Expanded Functions certificate and is a certified dental assistant. When she is not at work she likes to be near the water either fishing with her boyfriend, Quincey or swimming with her dogs. Nothing matters more to her than her family, friends, and pups. Her last big trip was to Ohio, but Alaska is on her bucket list. 

Tiffany (Office Coordinator)

Lauren (Part time hygienist) *Tuesdays and Wednesdays*
Lauren Munroe graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre and Dance minor from the University of Florida and then went on to complete Dental Hygiene School at Santa Fe College. She has been in the dental field as a hygienist for three years. She is a mother to her pets, Lily (Dog) and Malibu Barbie (cat). She is an avid Disney fan and takes a vacation there as often as possible. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Ryan, family and friends, designing arts and crafts, and visiting the beach whenever she can.